Powerful ERP for Small, Medium Enterprise

Web based Accounting systems for small & medium enterprises. The databases can be placed anywhere and can be reached from Why Stream ERP? Allows Double-Entry Accounting and is integrated with modules that support common business processes.

Advanced Features

  • Multiple Tax handling
  • Document can be emailed or attached
  • Projects & Cost Center(s)


  • Sales, Purchases, Items and Inventory
  • Work Order / Job Order , Bill of Materials
  • Banking and General Ledger, and Setup.



  • Security and Privacy
  • Right Sizing
  • Ease of customisation
  • Easy to Deploy




  1. Functionality is appropriate for SME.
  2. Cash flow can easily be managed.
  3. Balance sheet drill-down.
  4. Stock Transfer facility.
  5. Reports & Dashboards enable to make decisions better and quicker.
  6. Make graphical analysis.
  7. Multi-currency bank accounts and customers