reachManagement are not satisfied to simply improve transaction processing– instead they have a warranty and contract strategy to improve product and service performance, which reduces warranty costs and improves the overall performance of service and customer value.Holistic Problem Solver

  • Define and manage the problem at greater speed and hence accelerates the whole process from the beginning.
  • Well equipped for the situation that bottlenecks are avoided to an extent where it will give the best turnaround time (TAT) in the industry.
  • Continuously monitoring various problems and products.
  • Gives you a full-fledged knowledge of the service sector which would definitely reflect on your branding.


  • Setting rules parameters – applying them to in-coming complaints to collect only the relevant information.
  • Works as a Task Scheduling and Tracking system – facilitates to set the target.
  • Automate complaints intake – make better decisions, reduce turnaround time, and cut operating costs.
  • Leverage complaint-level analytics – accurate solution and efficiently make complaints reserving decisions.
  • Efficient complaint processing & management – both to control costs and to increase customer satisfaction.

  1. Real-time, Secure communication and alliance across the organization
  2. Full control, Ease of Use & thorough understanding of service
  3. Detailed reports and dashboard
  4. Case by case analysis of products, failures & services
  5. Greater visibility – changes,updates, & important items
  6. Alerts, status update and automated messaging