1. 1
    Security and Privacy

    Every user has one security role assigned and every page in a system has at least one related security area, which is assigned to global variable at the beginning of the page. When user has granted access rights, selected page is displayed or report generated, otherwise information message is displayed and page/report generation is aborted.

    We protect your information and do not disclose any information to outside parties. We use cookies to recognize your browser to remember certain information and protect through a variety of security measures. Also use your information for promotion/survey/periodic emails.

  2. 2
    Right Sizing

    Designed for medium sized organizations, neither large nor complicated. Having the required functions/reports which supports the organization.

  3. 3
    Ease of Customization

    Easy to customize and tailor to the company’s needs. Easily extend to integrate with the other systems.

  4. 4
    Easy to Deploy

    Easy to deploy, backup or restore, when compared to other ERP systems.